Thankful Tree

“It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude; it’s gratitude that brings us happiness.”

We have LOVED reading the leaves on our Thankful Tree to see what is brining you joy during this season focused on gratitude, and we wanted to share just a sampling with you all!

Family & Friends
The nice weather
Red wine & good friends
I am grateful for so many things…home, work, family, friends and a life with purpose and health.
Mama and big sissys and big bros
I am thankful for Jesus! 😊
I am thankful for my scepter
Frozen 2
A safe home & good health
Dr. Laura!
I’m thankful for my mommy
My chiropractor and LED glasses
Mommy and Daddy
Safe and warm shelter
Sleep (this was on there a few times…)
Dresses and Candy
My house, my two kitties and that my family is healthy.
Friends, family, my own apartment, Moscato on Tuesdays and good food – everything!
I am thankful for…faith, God, friends, my dog, good food…and pregnancy!
The WCH team!
My wife and kids
New beginnings & WHC!
Life & healing
My family and a roof over our heads
For everything.

What stood out the most to us was how many of you friends and family as well as your good health. As we move from November into December, it’s a great reminder to focus on PRESENCE over PRESENTS, in whatever way that looks for you and your loved ones this year.

As always, we are grateful for you all for being part of the WHC family!

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