Whole Health Highlight: The Boyer Family

Colleen Boyer began seeing Dr. Laura when she first returned to Des Moines after graduating from the University of Iowa. She had started to recognize the toll spending long hours behind a computer for her job in finance was starting to take on her body, and she also had hip and back pain that would flare up from a high school basketball injury. Colleen’s mother was a patient, so she decided to tag along. 

During the same timeframe, Colleen also met and later married her husband Devin, who had gone to a chiropractor growing up but hadn’t established care in town. He wanted to ensure his body was properly aligned to continue to grow in his fitness journey and to deal with just the day-to-day stresses life takes on our bodies. They both experienced relief and also were educated on ways to positively adjust their posture during the work days. Care at Whole Health Chiropractic became something they did together to feel their best.

Fast forward to now…the Boyers have been patients for over 10 years, and what began as a visit as a young college grad has turned into a regular practice for a family of 5! 

Colleen and Devin welcomed their first child, Emmet, in 2014; their second child, Shelby, in 2017; and their third child, Isobel, joined the family just this past January. All three children were seen by Dr. Laura within the first two weeks of life. 

As their family has grown and shifted, so have their chiropractic needs. What initially started as relief from pain and adjustments to “desk life”, as time went on, Colleen’s goals began to focus more on ensuring her body adapted as well as possible to the physical demands of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and life as a stay-at-home-mom.

I can say without a doubt, Dr. Laura played a pivotal role in my body’s ability to adapt and foster the growth of my babies.” says Colleen. And she notes it has helped their children grow strong as well.

“Our children feed and sleep better with regular adjustments during infancy. Our daughters had/have some reflux that was eased with chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Laura has also helped ease the typical struggles of an immature digestive system in the kids.” 

When asked what she thinks makes WHC different, Colleen said that you are always greeted with a warm smile and that there is an ease to scheduling, which communicates just how much the team truly cares about the patient! 

With the help and support of chiropractic, the Boyers live the life they love by spending time outside, doing anything related to animals (zoos are a fave!) playing with their rough collie Zetty, and watching Emmett practice karate. 

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