Health Issue Highlight: the Common Cold

Caused by a variety of viruses, the common cold has reigned victorious for as long as we can remember. While it is widely understood that our immune system is the only thing that can kick it to the curb, we rarely hear, “Let’s get your immune system back in action!”

The immune system is a “network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to defend the body against attacks against ‘foreign’ invaders.” The common cold, in this case, would be considered a “foreign” invader. If your immune system is not functioning properly, it can’t defend your body to its fullest potential, leaving you in a weakened condition. So how do we strengthen it?

It starts with the Central Nervous System (CNS). The CNS, our internal control center, is responsible for all activities within the body and includes our brain and spine. In order to allow our immune system to work at its greatest capacity, we have to make sure that the CNS is receiving the right messages at the right time!

When thinking about the common cold, it makes sense that if our only line of defense – the CNS – is stressed, then the systems it controls – the immune system – will also be affected. While there is no cure-all for the common cold, maintaining the health of your Central Nervous System certainly helps your body be the best shield it can be for you to stay healthy. 

Tips for Helping a Cold:

  1. Drink water
  2. Eat clean
  3. Exercise
  4. Rest
  5. Get adjusted!


It is always better to be on the defense, that is why it’s important to maintain a consistent care plan to continue moving your body to its optimal performance level. Unfortunately, however, we can get off track with our health due to busy schedules and changing priorities. Be sure to keep your regular appointments, and if you find yourself with a cold, schedule one as soon as possible – it is not uncommon for patients to notice a decrease in head pressure, fatigue and body aches after a chiropractic adjustment. Let’s help your immune system get back in shape!

“Our whole family has been overall healthier. We used to go to the doctor or take medication at least a few times a year. Since starting with Dr. Laura our illnesses have been shorter, less intense, or all together non-existent. We haven’t visited our traditional family doctor for an illness since beginning chiropractic!” – Katie C.

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