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The only thing we love more than our patients is hearing and seeing the great results that Chiropractic care has done for them! Take a look and be inspired! 



Rhys and Teag love their weekly adjustments! Mom Jen gets in on the fun. Both brothers have been patients since before they were born! 


Patty V. - "I feel my health has improved; I have more energy and less pain. My headaches have gone away. I have regained some flexibility in my spine allowing me to enjoy deeper stretching in yoga class." Patty's words to Dr. Rehmer: "Thank you for helping me to see that chiropractic care is important to keep my joints healthy and mobile." Patty's words to YOU: "As many yogis believe - you are only as young as your spine is flexible. Chiropractic care can be extremely beneficial to the spine and to your overal health and wellbeing  by keeping the body flexible and energies flowing smoothly throughout. The staff is all very kind and compassionate and I truly believe they are all dedicated to whole body health. I especially enjoy being greeted by Ernie and his playful attitude. It is always uplifting to visit your office."


Emily D-W. - "Emily, my 2 1/2 year old daughter, was very hesitant to be adjusted when we started coming to Dr. Laura almost a year ago. She has really warmed up to Dr. Laura and Chiropractic care. Now she will even climb up on the table. Emily has stayed in good health with her bimonthly check ups, even while attending a daycare center.  She had only one ear infection in her 2 1/2 years of life. Thanks Dr. Laura for your gentle and caring way with Emily." 


Travis M. - "I haven't been very sick. Usually I get sick when weather changes. My headaches have gone away." Travis has noticed that he can now stay standing when before treatment this was a challenge


Emily W. - Since starting Chiropractic care, Emily has felt "better; few headaches, even less pain, as well as helpful advice and suggestions in health, nutrition, etc." She also has been sleeping better. "Ballet and general exercise is more comfortable, and performed with more ease." Emily's advice to you? "It works, so stick with it." 


Drew D. - Since starting Chiropractic with Whole Health Drew is able to workout more, and has noticed an improvement in posture. When asked how he's been feeling better, he says his "back doesn't hurt as much when bending over, no pain in my legs." Drew is sleeping better and now takes fewer medications. Drew can now "lift things without pain; go a day without pain"! Drew's words to you about trying chiropractic: "It's worth the try. I thought I might have to have back surgery again and now I see that I won't."  

Nicole B. - We asked Nicole how her family or friends have noticed a change since she started chiropractic: "They have seen a positive change in how I carry myself and an increase in my energy and overall demeanor." Her words to Dr. Laura: "Thank you! Dr. Laura's personal attention to my individual issues and her direct assessment and treatment of them has been awesome! I appreciate the communicative nature and easy-going approach Dr. Laura has been able to offer me during my care. Dr. Laura pays personal and individual attention to each and every client. She and her team make Chiropractic care something you can understand and look forward to moving forward with to continue to improve your quality of life. You are fantastic!"


Sal and Mandy G. - "Sal's knee doesn't bother him as much, my back is better and we are pregnant! Sal is able to play soccer more. We're happier! Chiropractic really helps both body aches and pain." 

Ben H. - "I feel better. I sleep better. I have no more back pain. I used to take Bayer Back & Body daily, but now I don't take it at all. I feel much better, and the staff is very nice and helpful."


Tony, Katie, Roman, & Leilah C. - "Our whole family has been overall healthier. We used to go to the doctor or take medication at least a few times a year. Since starting with Dr. Laura our illnesses have been shorter, less intense, or all together non-existant. We haven't visited our traditional family doctor for an illness since beginning chiropractic!

Our overall health has greatly improved. Chronic back and leg pain have all but disappeared, and pregnancy has been a dream because of regular adjustments. Friends and family have noticed the ease of my pregnancies and deliveries and commented on our children's disposition and health."

The C. family's words to Dr. Laura: "THANK YOU! Without your help and support our lives would not be the same. We are so thankful to have a great doctor like you in our lives to offer advice and encouragement for the traditional *and* non-traditional choices we have made for our family.

We are so pleased to be a part of a true chiropractic community! We feel extremely supported and healthy! Our whole family has benefited in big ways from Dr. Rehmer's care. Thank you for all you have done for our family! We cannot begin to express our gratitude for the care and support you have given to us. Tony and I are feeling great and Roman and Leilah have been dream babies in part because of your care. Thank you again for being so good to us." 

Dionne R. - "I went from having constant pain to pain free! Once you have freedom of pain you can focus on what needs done in the day. Instead of dragging through the day, where even simple tasks become cumbersome, I can tackle my days with energy and stamina. Dionne's words to Dr. Rehmer: "Thank you! I was just seeing the fybromyalgia commercial on TV. The symptoms described were exactly like mine were. Now I am pain free without nasty pills with side effects such as suicidal! So, I am hugely grateful. You are a blessing! Dionne's words to YOU: "It really does work! I know for sure because I've tried many other things; better pillow, working out, massages...and nothing has worked until I went to Dr. Rehmer. After just one treatment I started feeling better. And now after 5 treatments, I feel 20 years younger. I will keep this up because I *don't* want to go back to the way I was feeling before." 


Dawn M. - "I used to repeatedly get colds, bronchitis, etc. every season and that just doesn't happen anymore!" 


Lyra W. - "Dr. Laura's environment and care is easy to be in. It's worth making the time to come get adjusted on a regular basis. Dr. Laura was the right choice to make. I enjoy the care and how it makes me feel. Dr. Laura took the time to look at me specifically and works with me me to improve my individual health. She went beyond an adjustment and suggested exercises and supplements that would benefit my overall health." 


Alexa W. - "My back doesn't hurt anymore; not even sore. Everything is pain-free." Alexa's family has noticed that she complains less and is in a better mood. Alexa encourages us all to try chiropractic; "It works! You'll feel better."

JulieCforWeb_1.jpgJulie C. - "My back pain has greatly approved. Cold laser therapy has helped with my carpal tunnel. Leg lengths were off and causing knee pain. I have been a lot stronger; less likely to have my back and knees go out on me. I look forward to coming [to Whole Health]; great atmosphere, very professional. I'm exercising again. I feel like chiropractic has given me a better outlook on life...it can change how I live day to day."

Val P. -"When I came to Dr. Laura I had injured a muscle in my shoulder. I tried many different modes of treatment; none of which were effective. My shoulder has been pain free since Chiropractic care. I feel 100% better! Chiropractic care has taken away pain in my shoulder and upper back that I had become to think was normal with age. It has made me more aware of all over wellness, nutrition, exercise, etc. Every aspect of my care has been pleasant!"

Abid T. - The care I received from Dr.Laura Rehmer far exceeded my expectations. Dr.Rehmer is so involved in my daily care to overcome my existing whole health related issues. I am very grateful to the entire staff and have recommended to everyone I know that should they need chiropractor or whole health care, Dr.Laura Rehmer is the only place to go. My heartfelt thanks to her and entire staff.



Jean H. - "My back pain has decreased enormously. When I first came to Whole Health, I was in a lot of pain with restricted motion. I now have full motion and no discomfort. Dr. Laura has even helped improve my arthritis pain...Dr. Laura has given me hope that I can postpone hip replacement even longer. I really appreciate her devotion and seriousness to the health and well being of her patients. She really does care about us and our community!"


 Tera H. - "I no longer have daily headaches. After a 12 hour day of working on my feet and lifting patients my lower back no longer feels worn out and my legs do not feel tired. Take the time to do this for yourself . It is SO worth it!"

Chirokids 017_1.jpg

Becky - 6 months. She's a gorgeous mom!


Ellie, Chloe, Sherri, and Toby with Dr. Laura - A fabulous family!

Chirokids_008.jpg Chirokids_009.jpg

Katie, Tony, and baby Roman.     

Roman had been a patient for several months before he was even born, and Tony was Dr. Rehmer's first patient in our Des Moines office!  We work with 3 generations of their family now!  We are so blessed to have them as practice members! 

Dr Laura 004_1.jpg

Matthew and Katherine--3 year old twins. Katherine is our Chiropractor in training!  She does such a great job!


Baby Teag--He slept through his entire examination!  He also received prenatal care in our office!

We value our patients' experience at Whole Health Chiropractic Wellness Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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