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The only thing we love more than our patients is hearing and seeing the great results that Chiropractic care has done for them. Take a look and be inspired! 

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"I feel better. I sleep better. I have no more back pain. I used to take Bayer Back & Body daily, but now I don't take it at all. I feel much better, and the staff is very nice and helpful." - Ben H.

"The care I received from Dr. Laura Rehmer far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Rehmer is so involved in my daily care to overcome my existing whole health related issues. I am very grateful to the entire staff and have recommended to everyone I know that should they need chiropractor or whole health care, Dr.Laura Rehmer is the only place to go. My heartfelt thanks to her and entire staff." - Abid T.

"I haven't been very sick. Usually I get sick when weather changes. My headaches have gone away." - Travis M.

"Our children have had Chiropractic care since shortly after their births. Dr. Laura is an integral part of how we live out our belief that our bodies hold the innate knowledge and power to heal and thrive." - Lisa J. 

"Friends and family have noticed how healthy our family is. We are not chronically ill, we do not take medications, and I've had two perfectly healthy pregnancies and one (soon-to-be two) healthy child." - Izzy B.

"Our whole family has been overall healthier. We used to go to the doctor or take medication at least a few times a year. Since starting with Dr. Laura our illnesses have been shorter, less intense, or all together non-existent. We haven't visited our traditional family doctor for an illness since beginning chiropractic! Our overall health has greatly improved. Chronic back and leg pain have all but disappeared, and pregnancy has been a dream because of regular adjustments. Friends and family have noticed the ease of my pregnancies and deliveries and commented on our children's disposition and health." - Katie & Roman C.

I have come a long way in regards to aligning my body. Did not start chiropractic treatments until my late 30's but have gained more freedom of movement and manage minor pains easily with treatment. - Female, 51

So grateful for Dr. Laura and her staff for providing me with a healing, empowering experience. I look forward to my family coming on a regular basis to assist us in being at our optimal level of health! I would highly recommend them to any of my family and friends. - Female, 38

"My back pain has decreased enormously. When I first came to Whole Health, I was in a lot of pain with restricted motion. I now have full motion and no discomfort. Dr. Laura has even helped improve my arthritis pain...Dr. Laura has given me hope that I can postpone hip replacement even longer. I really appreciate her devotion and seriousness to the health and well being of her patients. She really does care about us and our community!" - Jean H.